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February 2007

Dentsu Communications Hits New Record with PR Campaign for Siemens Foundation

Dentsu Communications Inc. (DCI) hit a new record in 2006 with its publicity campaign for longtime client, the Siemens Foundation. In its fifth year as the corporate foundation's public relations agency, DCI reached a record 74 million people through print coverage alone.

The breadth of news coverage DCI achieved was matched by its depth and impact. Stories consistently positioned Siemens as a leader in math and science education and its flagship science competition as America's most prestigious.

DCI literally put Siemens in the headlines. The client's name appeared in the title of more than 25% of competition stories. DCI also steered Siemens onto the front pages of many daily newspaper sections, including USA Today, the Boston Globe and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Other big hits included NPR's "All Things Considered," CNN Headline News, US News & World Report, and the Associated Press. It was another banner year for Dentsu Communications and Siemens…and another milestone to surpass in 2007!

September 2006

Dentsu Communications Launches a PR Campaign for Sinar Bron Imaging

In June DCI launched a public relations and marketing program for Sinar Bron Imaging (SBI), the legendary Swiss manufacturer of premier high-end photographic equipment. While highly respected in the professional photographic community, SBI has been loosing ground to the competition and needed to regain market share. Over the past three months DCI has focused on revamping the Swiss imaging company's image through aggressive media outreach and high-profile events in key markets.

To jumpstart the brand in SBI's largest market, New York, DCI coordinated a launch event and reception to introduce the company's new products to the local photo community. To showcase the equipment's many benefits, DCI produced a fashion shoot in several of Manhattan's top locations including the Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square. Images from the location shoot were incorporated into the launch event. DCI also conducted extensive press outreach, educating the media about Sinar Bron's Swiss heritage and emphasizing the genius of their latest technology.

Riding the wave of New York's success, DCI next focused on SBI's government market. DCI coordinated a trade show and reception in Washington, DC that featured photography solutions for reproduction (museum) photographers and forensic specialists. The event helped cement SBI's relationships in this key market and bring in new potential customers.

TThanks to the success of the events and DCI's continued media outreach, SBI is once again becoming recognized as the best photography equipment on the market. The press has also taken notice. Trade publications including Studio Photography and Photo District News, and web media such as Digital-Imaging Resource have all praised the equipment. Under DCI's guidance, Sinar Bron Imaging is receiving the recognition it deserves, and benefiting from a continued increase in sales.

July 2006

DCI Launches New Marketing Campaign to Refresh Benihana Brand

Recently, Dentsu Communications launched a marketing campaign to refresh the 42-year-old Benihana brand. The integrated campaign revolves around the renovation and grand opening of 20-25 Benihana restaurants nationwide over the next several years.

The goal of the campaign is to bring Benihana into the 21st century without losing the famed "culture" of the Benihana brand. In April, DCI oversaw the grand opening of Benihana in Short Hills, NJ. In June and July, DCI worked on "The Next Benihana" campaigns, in Memphis and Cleveland, followed by the grand opening of the Miramar, Florida, restaurant — one of a few in the U.S. that was built from the ground up using the new design. Next month, DCI will tackle Indianapolis, Anaheim, and Sacramento.

For each of these events, DCI conducted an intensive media outreach to local and national press. So far DCI has garnered coverage in The New York Post, Miami Herald, The Star-Ledger, Cleveland Magazine, NBC Miami, ABC Cleveland, ABC Memphis, and FOX Memphis, to name a few. "The Next Benihana" — as the campaign is called — is also making significant contributions to Benihana's bottom line. Following DCI's execution of the grand opening and intensive media outreach of Benihana in Short Hills, NJ, the restaurant reported an increase in sales of over 40%.

June 2006

Play Ball! - Baseball Goes International with help from Dentsu Communications, Inc.

Dentsu Inc.'s long-lasting relationship with Major League Baseball as the broadcasting partner in Japan has led Dentsu Communications, Inc. to a new project: the very first World Baseball Classic (WBC) just happened this spring. Since baseball is no longer an event at the Olympics, this international baseball tournament was eagerly anticipated and welcomed by each participating country. The tournament started its first round in four different cities (Tokyo, Phoenix, San Juan, and Orlando) with sixteen participating countries, and ended in San Diego, CA, where Japan celebrated its historic win against Cuba.

As the marketing/broadcasting partners of Major League Baseball in Japan, Dentsu Inc. Sports Business Division and Dentsu Communications, Inc. coordinated with Major League Baseball on facilitating all aspects of this event, including marketing sponsorship sales, virtual signage sales, broadcasting rights sales and on-site broadcasting production. While Major League Baseball and Dentsu have worked together for years to promote American baseball in Japan, this was their first experience to work on a truly international baseball event.

Despite all the challenges, WBC was a huge success in Japan and television ratings soared as Japan advanced each round. The final against Cuba was the third most watched baseball game in Japan's television history, with the ratings of 43.4%. At Japan's winning moment, the ratings hit 56%. The next WBC tournament will take place in 2009.
April 2006

DCI Puts On a Series of Events to Promote the Italian Region of Umbria


When the Italian region of Umbria wanted to grab the attention of New Yorkers looking for an Italian getaway, DCI saw a perfect opportunity to unveil this hidden jewel in a weeklong series of events in New York City. Umbria is known for its medieval architecture and pristine farmlands, so DCI positioned the region as the ideal destination for a relaxing and secluded vacation. To promote the region' delicious cuisine and unique culture, DCI coordinated cultural events including wine and food seminars; a fashion exhibit; and a jazz concert.

The events included a five-day festival held at the Helen Mills Theater; a jazz concert and gala dinner at Birdland Jazz Club; and an evening piano concert at the Guggenheim. With key travel, food, wine, art, and fashion press at each event, Umbria Jazz and Beyond became the buzz of the city and was featured in publications such as The New York Times, The New York Observer, and Time Out Magazine. The surge of media attention is helping achieve the ultimate goal of the promotion: increased travel to the region.

April 2006

DCI's Anya Grottel-Brown in Voyageur

March 2006

DCI's efforts on behalf of Partida Tequila featured in PR Week

December 2005

DCI Wins Bid for Three-Year Project to Raise Awareness for Two Artesian Products from Northern Italy

Dentsu Communications was awarded a three-year contract to promote and publicize two products from Italy ’s Northern region of Trentino-Alto Adige. The consortia of Speck Alto Adige and Formaggio Asiago DOP joined forces to lobby the Italian government and the European Union for funds to promote their products in the US. DCI will take on the task of introducing Speck to an American audience for the first time; this product was cleared for export to the US less than one year ago. Unlike Speck Alto Adige, Asiago has been on the US market for some time. Here DCI will work to distinguish imported Asiago from domestic imitators.

Speck Alto Adige is a smoked prosciutto that is flavored with an array of local spices during the salting process. This process gives Speck a spicier taste with more zest on the palate than regular prosciutto. Asiago is a semi-cooked cow's milk cheese that is produced in two types, "Asiago di Allevo" and "Asiago Pressato."

Trentino-Alto Adige is truly a unique area with borders on Austria and Switzerland. The region is split into two distinct provinces, Trentino, around the city of Trento to the south, and Alto Adige, around the city of Bolzano. Trentino is historically Italian in language and culture while Alto Adige has a prominent German-speaking population.

October 2005

DCI Gears Up Publicity Campaign for the Siemens Westinghouse Competition in Math, Science and Technology

When Dentsu Communications won the competitive pitch in 2002 to conduct publicity for the Siemens Foundation and its signature program, the Siemens Westinghouse Competition in Math, Science and Technology, the overall media impressions stood at about 25 million. By the end of the 2004-2005 Competition season, DCI's third, the total audience impressions had risen to over 84 million including print and broadcast. The Competition recognizes and rewards America's most promising high school science and math students with college scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $100,000. DCI's key objective is to generate massive publicity for the competition, positioning this prestigious event as America's leading science research competition for high school students and, by extension, build brand recognition for Siemens as a science and technology leader in the US. By raising awareness of the Competition and its winners, the campaign also aims to encourage talented math and science students across the country to enter the competition process.

DCI's big publicity push begins in September with preparations for six regional competitions that take place at leading universities across the country. The Competition's highlight and biggest media draw are the National Finals in early December. In addition to pitching the local, regional and national press, DCI targets leading science, education and business media for coverage. To extend the story, DCI focuses on human interest aspects of individual competitors and identifies real-world applications for the students' projects.

Topping past Competitions' results won't be easy: DCI has successfully placed feature stories in USA Today, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Wall Street Journal and the Associated Press. Competition winners have made multiple appearances on CNN, including Paula Zahn now, Lou Dobbs Tonight and Headline News. In 2004, the Competition's national winner was featured as ABC's Person of the Week.

DCI's fourth competition cycle promises to be more exciting and busier than ever. Already more students have registered for the Competition than ever before, and the Siemens Foundation attributes the increase to the waves of positive publicity that DCI continues to generate.

July 2005

Dentsu Communications Successfully Launches the Marketing and Communications Program for Partida Tequila

To mark the U.S. introduction of the Partida Tequila brand, DCI organized a special gallery show, "Partida, A Tequila Legacy," which featured artistic images shot exclusively at the Partida Estate in Amatitán, Mexico, by photographers Paolo Marchesi and Raul Ramon. The exhibition chronicled the full Tequila production cycle from the harvest of the Blue Agave through the state of the art distillation process. The opening reception allowed Tequila Brand President Sofia Partida an opportunity to introduce her family's Tequila legacy to more than three hundred guests representing leading trade and consumer press, as well as prominent members of the liquor distribution community. A highlight of the evening was a Partida Tequila tasting lead by Julio Bermejo, the beverage manager of Tommy's Restaurant in San Francisco who is widely regarded as one of the world's leading authorities on Tequila. "Partida, A Tequila Legacy" successfully launched the new super-premium spirit in markets throughout the United States. In addition to conducting media relations, DCI will create branded events through

out the United States during the coming months. Further, DCI is consulting with Partida on future marketing strategies and advertising opportunities.

May 2005

DCI Spearheads Integrated Public Relations Campaign for Partida Tequila Brand

Dentsu Communications recently won the bid to launch Partida, a new premimum tequila brand. Partida Tequila is the first authentic estate-grown premium tequila, made from 100% blue agave from Amatitan, in the heart of Mexico's historic tequila region.

The Partida family is one of the largest growers of blue agave and bottlers of tequila in Mexico. This is the first time, however, that their high quality tequila will be branded and aggressively marketed with the Partida name.

Unlike many other spirit brands, Partida has a long history in the world of tequila. DCI's mission will be to tell that story in a winesque way, romancing the family history, innovation and ties to the land. DCI will position Partida as the only authentic Tequila with superior product quality and a true family heritage and history.

Partida will officially debut on June 21st at a NYC launch party, after which the brand launch will move to Colorado, Florida and Arizona before being rolled out nationally later in the year.

April 2005

DCI Wins Bid for Three-Year Project to Raise Awareness for Two Artesian Products from Northern Italy

DCI has embarked on two new PR campaigns for CCA Industries Inc., a Rutherford, New Jersey-based distributor and marketer of health and beauty aids; and Workman Publishing Company, one of the largest independent publishing companies in the United States.

For CCA, DCI will coordinate PR programs for two new products that contain special green tea antioxidants: Denise Austin Skin Fit For Life(TM), a new line of green tea-based skin care products and Mega-T® Green Tea Chewing Gum, one piece of which is equivalent to two cups of green tea.

For Workman Publishing, DCI will spearhead a PR campaign for BRAIN QUEST, Workman Publishing's popular education line that's considered the country's number one educational bestseller. DCI's objective for BRAIN QUEST is to oversee national media and book a 30-market tour with a panel of teachers who helped develop and re-launch the curriculum-based learning tool.

February 2005

Dentsu Communications Relaunches the "Voice of Italian Gastronomy"

The Gruppo Ristoratori Italiani (GRI) is a not-for-profit association founded in 1979 to increase the awareness of fine, authentic Italian cuisine and to promote its image through member restaurants. With some top Italian restaurants including San Domenico & Barolo in NYC and Biba & Valentino in California, the group had the clout in the kitchen but lacked consistent internal communication and a proactive PR push.

DCI takes on the task of positioning the group as the authority on innovative, contemporary Italian cuisine with trade and consumer press nationwide. Supporting GRI's annual fundraiser and media tour to Italy will also be top priorities.

The group hopes to attract new members through the increased activity and streamlined internal communication. Newly appointed Chairman Paolo Secondo, owner of Barolo and I Tre Merli (NYC), asserts, "DCI has the ability and experience to revitalize our image and create new initiatives that will benefit all our members."

February 2005

Dentsu Communications and DCA Advertising Celebrate the Lunar New Year

This Sunday, February 13, Chinatown will celebrate Lunar New Year with its biggest event ever — the 6th Annual Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade. Activities around the parade are part of the integrated marketing communications campaign to promote Chinatown as a tourist destination. Dentsu Communications and DCA Advertising have worked on the campaign for over a year. We invite you all to attend this great New York event!

Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade & Festival: A colorful spectacle featuring floats, marching bands, lion and dragon dancers, Asian musical performers, magicians and acrobats and local organizations.

Date : Sunday, February 13, 2005
Time : 1PM - 5PM
Location : Major streets of Chinatown (Mott, Canal, Bowery, East Broadway, Chatham Square, East Broadway, Forsyth, Division, Worth) - Click here to view map

For more information about Chinatown and Lunar New Year activities, please visit .